LJIC Trend Vision 2017

  • What is LJIC Trend Vision?

    Trend Vision is LJIC’s annual student conference and competition that gives students the opportunity to compete in and experience a high energy, real world runway fashion show atmosphere.

    The entries below are from LJIC students from all eight campuses across Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois who have chosen to participate in a themed category competition in hair, nail and makeup. Students can choose to enter and compete not only for bragging rights, but for amazing student prize packages. The FINALE of the day at LJIC Trend Vision is the announcement of the Overall Grand Champion trophy and prize pack which is awarded to the individual student competitor for their overall complete look of hair, makeup and nails.

    By voting on this page you will be impacting our 2017 LJIC Grand Champion and winner of LJIC Trend Vision 2017! By placing this vote you are impacting their careers and this profession positively.

    Thank you for your support of La’ James International College and our students!

    BELOW LJIC Grad Cameron Kepford shares some tips for Trend Vision success!
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