Color Burst

  • Published on September 29, 2017

    This look was inspired by @kimberleymargarita_ on Instagram.
    1. Started off by applying an even layer of absolute cover silk peptide foundation in shade #3
    2. Applied a purple face paint to the perimeters of my face as contour/bronzer.
    3 Set the center of the face with translucent powder in light.
    All shadows came from the Bright Addiction palette.
    4. Took Pink Lady and blended it into the out and inner “V” of the eye, left the center of the eyelid blank.
    5. Used Deep Purple to deepen the inner and outer “V” and still leaving the center blank.
    6. Took Dupe that you dew you on the center of the lid and blended the edges.
    7. Took a smudge brush and placed Blight Blue right under the lash line.
    8. Used Lime Green to blend out the Blight Blue.
    9. Took the Blight Blue and filled out the brows.
    10. Used a light blue face paint and a spooley and ran threw eyelashes and eyebrows.
    Glitter and jewel placement
    11. Took two jewels and placed one on the inner corner of the eye, and one above the brow.
    12. Larger glitter was placed closer to the eyebrow above and below eye.

    Category: New Norm
    First name: Maria
    Last name: Rodriguez
    Campus: Fremont
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    2038 Votes


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