Glitzy Bunway

  • Published on October 1, 2017

    My Inspiration for this look was to use something that we use everyday (most of us anyway) I decided to go with a sock. I used the sock to create multiple sock buns. It was hard for me to determine the category for this look because it could pass for metal elements as well (in my opinion). The reason I went with this category is because silver hair and glitter is definitely the new norm.
    To create this look we used..
    A sliver spray , we used socks for the buns, Rusk Jel fix and glitter on top of the gel and diamond studs

    Ofra Naked mixed with Cocoa for foundation
    Ofra light purple and dark purple and a light pink shadow
    Ofra black gel liner
    Ofra brown shadow for brows
    Ofra Cancun lipstick color
    and we also added diamond gems
    Contour was done with Ofra trio pan
    CND Sultry sunset & Black pool added gems and black loose glitter and sliver loose glitter

    Category: New Norm
    First name: Promisse
    Last name: Alfaro
    Campus: Davenport
    14003 Votes
    14003 Votes


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