Iron Rebellion

  • Published on September 29, 2017

    (Poducts Used)
    Wella EIMI grip cream
    Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity
    Wella Blondor
    20 Volume Rsuk developer
    Rusk balancing
    10.11 Double Ash Blonde
    9.11 Double Ash Blonde to tone with
    Sebastian Microweb fiber
    Ofra absolute cover face primer
    Ofra liquid foundation (naked)
    Ofra lite and beige medium corrector concealer
    Ofra light translucent powder
    Ofra eye shadows (foil,black,destiny,Exquisite)
    Ofra DERMA mineral powder white diamonds
    silver body paint
    Ofra lip plumper
    Ofra Translucent powder in the shade dark
    Ofra Blush strips in the shades illumination
    Cnd acrylic powder and monomer
    Cnd shellac polish in the shade black pool

    Acrylic powder and monomer right over natural nail.
    Shellac polish all nails in cnd polish in the shade black pool

    start off by with Ofra absolute face primer then apply Ofra liquid foundation in the shade naked all over the face including eyebrows. after foundation is applied use Ofra beige medium and lite corrector concealer under eyes and any problem spots. buff out with foundation brush. after the concealer then apply Ofra Light translucent powder all over the face. Starting on the eyes use Ofra eye shadow in the shade foil all over the lids then I add the shade black right in the transition area very lightly. Right over the top on the black lightly add the shade Exquisite and blend the black into Exquisite. line the under eye with Exquisite starting at the outer eye blending inward then add the shade destiny on the inner eye blend outward. apply a generous amount of Ofra derma mineral powder in the shade white diamonds. blend the transition colors into the derma powder. Moving on to the eyebrows use silver body paint to shape and fill eyebrows apple silver rhinestones to the eyebrow. On the lips use Ofra lip plumper and then Ofra eye shadow in the shade Exquisite all over the lips. Then apply Derma Mineral Powder in the shade white diamonds all over the lips. For highlight use ofra dermal mineral powder in the shade white diamonds mixed with ofra blush stripes in the shades illumination. For contour use ofra translucent powder in the shade dark and starting at the middle of the ear towards the mouth on both sides.

    (Hair) Sectioned off hair and twisted it. Put into pony tail tease and fluff add metal rings and glitter spray with hairspray.

    Category: Metal Elements
    First name: Kyra
    Last name: Butts
    Campus: Des Moines
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    178 Votes


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