Pink festival

  • Published on September 29, 2017

    My inspiration was hippie chic. After applying Contor and foundation I used ofra eye primer and a neutral tone eyeshadow. Then I went over it with the bright pink ofra eyeshadow in the outside corners and blended in with the neutral. Then I added ofra lemon gold loose pigment on her inner lid. I took the ofra white eyeliner pencil to make dots and lines for the festival look. I use the bright pink lipstick and lipgloss from Ofra and added glitter as well to the lips . Then I added highlighter to the cheeks with the lemon gold lose pigment and then topped it with more glitter.

    Category: New Norm
    First name: Tasha
    Last name: Markle-klapp
    Campus: Des moines
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    2 Votes


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