Queen Opal

  • Published on September 28, 2017

    Prime the face neck and chest. Apply grey ofra shadow to contour the face and body. Using body paint make a metallic triangle on the forehead and fade into the hair. Using ofra eyeliner create the cat eye look to the hairline and down the nose fill in the eyelid with blue ofra eyeshadow and top with light sparkle. Use black ofra mascara to darken the eyelashes. After the eyes add the lightest foundation to the rest of the face and apply white ofra eye shadow all over the face besides the eyes. Using the clearest ofra lipgloss apply grey eyeshadow over the lips. And set the face!
    For the nails a simple CND acrylic French tip, with black rings over her fingers!
    For the hair using Sebastian gel slick back the sides of the hair and lose hair. Make a Mohawk parting and create small sections while adding large binder rings to each section. Spray with Sebastian reshaper hairspray after every section all the way down to the nape of the head. With bobby pins add a ton of pins under the rings and make them stick out, also to the sides of the head add bobby pins in an up and down pattern.the length of the hair is slicked down the back in a fan brush position. Using Sebastian hairspray coat the entire head at the end.
    For the outfit use tall black boots right below the knee. On the hands spray in a fading motion using black hairspray making sure not to get the nails. And an opal short strapless dress as the center of attention like my inspiration picture. Top off with Rhinestones to accent the face and collar bones!

    Category: Metal Elements
    First name: Miranda
    Last name: Dolezal
    Campus: Fremont,NE
    201 Votes
    201 Votes


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