Multiple Licensure

Save time and money by taking programs consecutively and receive a $500 scholarship!


LJIC invests in our graduates! Your credit/hours will transfer from one program to the next. There is an Open Enrollment at no charge several times per year or for multiple programs. Our Career Planners are available to help customize the career path that fits your needs and your pocketbook!

Hear from LJIC Graduate, Tawnie LaVallee, on the benefits of multiple licensure.


“When asked, ‘Why I feel a dual licensure is beneficial’, my first thought was that it makes me more of an asset to an employer and opens countless doors for my career. After contemplating my answer, I started to question myself, what exactly has my Esthetics, Cosmetology and Instructor Licenses done for me? The answer…everything! Yes, the licenses do make me more valuable; however, the bigger picture is having the knowledge in two disciplines of the industry.

This has actually opened doors to all sorts of arenas in the health and beauty industry:

  • Salon Director
  • Medical Spa Director
  • Educator
  • Developer of professional skin care products and established overseas distributorships
  • Trainer with doctors, nurses, estheticians, and cosmetologists throughout the country
  • Director of global operations, global marketing, and global sales for a professional skin care vendor

Currently I am the Corporate Spa Director for 8 Cosmetology/Esthetic/Massage Colleges, the largest group of Cosmetology Colleges in the Midwest.

Do I find value in having dual licenses? Most definitely!”


“Attending multiple programs has allowed me to become well rounded in every aspect of the cosmetology industry while also being able to provide more services to my clients. Being licensed in Esthetics and Cosmetology I will be able to provide my clients the entire spa experience. Not only will a dual license allow me to make more money, but it will also help me grow my clientele and market myself better to future employers. La’ James International College makes it easy to transition into different programs.” ~ Adam Danielson

“While enrolled in the Esthetics Program I realized I would enjoy hair and nails. I really feel I will be more marketable and it would increase my job opportunities. I love the opportunities that La’ James International College offers. The experience of the educational trips and living at Xanadu housing is something I will never forget! My advice to any potential student; don’t procrastinate, give it your all, stay ahead and last but not least don’t be a sponge…be a vacuum.” ~ Devon Ausdemore

“I really didn’t realize until after I started school about all the possibilities I could have enrolling in multiple programs. I furthered my education and I am having fun learning things I always wanted to do. Now that I will be licensed in more than one program, I will have more options with my career. I will be more marketable to hire and it’s a good deal! It gives you a chance to learn in depth about each program; I feel better about what I am doing with my future knowing all the knowledge I have with each license.” ~ Lydia Daft

“I thought it would be good to be dual licensed to increase my paycheck. LJIC made it very easy with transfer hours.” ~ Chelsie


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