Welcome to our Student Testimonials page! Discover first-hand accounts from our students about their transformative experiences at La’ James International College. Learn why they chose us for their beauty education journey.

Cloey from Fort Dodge

“Embrace the reality that you will make mistakes. In order to develop new skills and to learn from your experiences, you have to make mistakes. They are growth opportunities. Don’t let mistakes intimidate you, just learn from them.”

Lauren from Cedar Rapids

“Pay attention during class and work hard on the clinic. Also, keep your chapter tests, they will help you prepare for finals and boards. If you feel uncomfortable doing something that you’re not confident in, that’s ok! Keep learning and you will grow.”

Grace from Davenport

“Always put your best self forward! Everything is a learning opportunity and a chance to become better. Surround yourself with others who want you to succeed and be your best self!”

Libby from Cedar Falls

“I chose Cosmetology because I have always had a love for doing hair! If I had to give anyone advice for this industry, it would be to never stop learning new trends and techniques!”

Dylana from Davenport

“I am so grateful that I get to live out my passions every day as well as express my creativity. I really enjoy treating the skin and educating clients about their skin type and their concerns. What I love most about the industry is connecting with my clients. Some advice for anyone thinking about going into Esthetics is to believe in yourself and always keep learning.”

Shawn from Cedar Falls

“Nobody is like… ‘ugh… I have to get my hair done today.’ Everyone is like… ‘YAY! I get to get my hair done today!” So, I was excited to work with people and to help them feel good about themselves and do something that I thought was fun. Try everything! Being in school is the greatest place to fail because you have instructors that can help you. You will never, ever, ever forget when you have a mishap in school and the instructors help you. You will always remember the way they helped, and you will not make that mistake again.”

Erika from Cedar Falls

“It’s an environment that I don’t want to be out of. Whether I’m behind the chair or the desk it’s just fun, it really is. It’s a lot of what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it, and that’s what it comes down to. It can take you so many places. I’ve got to travel because of it. I’ve got to meet people that I would have never in a million years thought I would have ever met. You get to be the first for people too. You know that person sitting in your chair that maybe hasn’t told their family that they are pregnant, they’re going to tell you. The first one to tell their engagement because they’re not ready to tell their families. They want to keep their babies’ name a secret but it’s ok to tell you. It’s awesome the things that people share with you, and you get to take that with you and know they trust you enough to do that, I’ve made friends for life with my guests, and you can’t change that. I just know I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s not just a career it’s a lifestyle. It’s your family, it’s everything to you.”

Angie from Cedar Falls

“I had the encouragement of staff to get me through. It is such a short time in your life to go to school and to get this degree. Just get in there and get it done. You do go through the roller coasters of ‘that’s amazing’ and it’s great at first and then you do go through a bit of the lows. Like, ‘Oh when am I going to get done?’. Then you get through that, and you get towards the end and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then you know you’re almost there.”

Katelin from Cedar Rapids

“I chose this field after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2022. I lost all my hair on my head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. It really makes you appreciate those things when they are gone. Now I get to be there for people who have shared the same struggles I did. It truly is a blessing to be in this career field and make women and men feel confident. My advice to future students would be to trust timing and never give up on something you are passionate about.”

Laine from Cedar Rapids

“I came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to get my bachelor’s degree in health & Wellness at Coe College. I am not in school at La’ James International College to become an Esthetician. I am falling in love with skin, skincare, and makeup! I love facials and massage. And I love to have the skin glow! In the industry, I want to focus on making my clients happy with their needs and giving everyone glazed donut skin!”

Laney from Des Moines

“Get involved and get as much advice and practice as you can. School is a place to learn, so make mistakes and re-direct yourself for the next time. Figure out the techniques that work for YOU. Ask the questions and ask other students for pointers and create an overall supportive environment.”

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