Eligibility criteria to qualify for a LJIC Scholarship:

  • Must be a first time enrollee completing the full program requirements to qualify.
  • Must meet all current admissions requirements.
  • Must complete the LJIC Scholarship application.

Criteria to receive LJIC Scholarship at completion of program:

  1. LJIC Scholarship will be earned and verified at each and every evaluation period by:
    • Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) AND IN ADDITION, must meet the following:
    • Overall attended hours cannot be more than 10% behind scheduled hours.
  2. Student must graduate by the contract end date.
  3. Student must be continually enrolled. Withdrawal will result in not meeting scholarship criteria.

Terms & Conditions:

  • LJIC Scholarship is a scholarship for program tuition only.
  • If approved, the LJIC Scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other LJIC discount, tuition reduction, grant, or scholarship.
  • LJIC Scholarship will be applied as a tuition credit at program completion by meeting the criteria below.
  • Students losing scholarship eligibility by not meeting criteria will be notified by the financial assistance department for other methods of payment to ensure financial obligations are met.

Agreement for scholarship terms, conditions, and criteria will be signed and submitted at your financial assistance appointment