• Published on February 9, 2016

    Do the Holiday Parties have you worn out? Try out these tips that will help you give yourself an Easy & Relaxing Foot Massage. How to steps by Kalyn Kruse (Massage Therapy student at La’ James International College – Cedar Falls).

    Step 1: Grip the foot, placing your thumb on the top and your fingers on the base of your foot. Using your fingers, begin applying firm pressure to the area inside by the ball of the foot. This is also known as the Lung & Heart Reflex Zone.


    Step 2: Next move to your big toe. Place your thumb on top of the nail, begin applying pressure to the bottom of your big toe with your pointer finger. This area is also known as the Brain & Pineal Reflex Zone.


    Step 3: Grip the base of your foot. Thumb will rest on the side, right under the big toe. Begin walking your fingers with firm pressure across the area under all of the toes. (The walking motion is similar to tapping your fingers on a desk) This area is also known as theSinus Reflex Zone.



    Step 4: Slide the hand down the base of the foot and begin applying an upward and downward pressure along the arch of the foot.


    Step 5: Apply pressure and friction up, down and around the heel.


    Step 6: Finish your relaxing massage by moving to the top of the foot. Using your fingers, start at the base of the toes and apply an upward & downward pressure.


    Using these Massage tips and tricks once a month is said to stimulate the body’s relaxation and immune responses that will help the body heal from the inside. Go ahead and try it… Treat yourself to a DIY foot massage.

    Remember to visit La’ James International College where you can enjoy a full Hand & Foot Reflexology experience. Visit www.ljic.eduto view our full service menu and book your appointment today! 888-880-2108 (All services are performed by students under the supervision of instructors.)

    Do you have an interest in the Massage Therapy classes? Start your journey TODAY at La’ James International College. For more information please call 888-880-2108 or visit www.LJIC.edu.

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