Date Night Purse Essentials

  • Published on February 14, 2022

    It’s date night! Your outfit, hair, makeup and nails are ready to go but don’t forget to pack your purse with these 10 essentials!

    1. Chapstick

    Dry and chapped lips are the worst. Keep them hydrated and gorgeous!

    2. Fully Charged Phone

    If you plan to be out for quite some time, keep that phone fully charged. You never know if you need to reach out to a friend, call a cab or even get directions home. Don’t risk your phone dying on a date night.

    3. Tissues

    Ever walk into a chilly space and notice your nose starts to run. Avoid the constant sniffles and pack some tissues.

    4. Perfume

    Don’t let your scent fade. Pack a small travel size or a roll on of your favorite perfume.

    5. Money

    It’s such a treat when your date picks up the tab, but you should never expect it. Always plan to pay for your own.

    6. Mints

    Choose mints over gum and keep your breath extra fresh!

    7. Photo I.D.

    This is a no brainer and should already have a save place in your purse but if you’re packing a new handbag for the occasion, do not forget this important little card!

    8. Lipstick & Powder

    Bring a little makeup for any quick touch ups needed.

    9. Lotion

    Keep your hands soft and smooth especially if your date plans to hold hands.

    10. Hand Sanitizer

    Dirty hands but no sink? Always take a travel bottle of sanitizer.



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