October 16, 2015

What’s This?

It’s NOT the nightmare before anything; it’s the fantastic life of LJIC’s Brandi Pike.

Today is the greatest? Maybe it is for Brandi Pike. Brandi graduated from La’ James International College’s Esthetics program yesterday in Cedar Rapids. And just two days ago she finished second in LJIC’s Trend Vision Makeup Competition.

And today?

Today is the first day of the rest of Brandi Pike’s life. And it’s a pretty sweet looking life too. The new LJIC alum passed her state board examinations last week and she’s all set to begin her own business as a skin care professional next month. How great is that?

Of all the wonderful things happening in Brandi’s life right now, she’s the most excited about her new career. Prior to enrolling at LJIC, Brandi worked for Clinique for four years at a retail store. She loved her job but felt like she needed to leave.

“I left Clinique so I could do more than just makeup. I love making people feel good. People leave [an esthetician’s] feeling relaxed, refreshed and relieved. I’m pretty excited!”

Brandi credits La’ James International College for helping her learn her new craft.

“Everyone is really nice and helpful [at LJIC]. Smaller classes and more one on one time is what I really like.”

Brandi is also excited about placing at Trend Vision. She made her model look like Jack the Skeleton from The Nightmare Before Christmas. She’d never attempted theatre makeup before, but says she had a blast learning how.

“It was definitely challenging. I like challenges; they push me to use my talent.”

Winning feels good! It’s the same thing for graduating college and beginning the career of your dreams. Brandi Pike did not win LJIC’s Trend Vision Makeup Competition on Wednesday, but she’s winning at life, and that’s even better.

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