January 25, 2018

3 Products to Tackle Frizzy Winter Hair!

Tired of dry, flyaway hair this winter? Mrs. Christy Laube from La’ James International College in Cedar Falls shares 3 of her favorite products that will put moisture, life & shine back into your hair and help control those flyaways! All products available at LJIC

RUSK 12 in 1: You can use on either wet or dry hair. A little bit goes a long way. Spray the product into your hands. Then run the product through the ends of your hair.

SEBASTIANS Dark Oil: This product smells AMAZING! This product can be used on wet or dry hair. Again, a little bit goes a long way. Apply product to your palm and then to the ends of your hair. 

RUSK Freezing Spray: This hairspray is definitely one you want to keep in our product collection! Just a light spray is all you need. TIP: Gently run the back of a comb over the top of your hair to smooth surface frizzys.

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