December 18, 2020

5 things a stylist must do


1. Look the part of the Beauty Industry. Having your hair, makeup and nails done prior to coming to work is very important. Also, having good personal hygiene. Your clients are trusty that you will take care of them, so start by taking care of yourself.


2. Stretch! Sounds silly but think about it… you are constantly on your feet and moving around each day. Keep your body in good shape to prolong yourself throughout your day & career. 


3. Arrive early to work and start preparing for your day. Before you leave at the end of the night, take a look at tomorrow & see if you can prepare in advance.


4. Get enough sleep. Being well rested will help you stay focused throughout your day. 


5. Always carry a business card with you. You never know when you will have an opportunity to hand one out. You can always leave them with your bill at a restaurant, give one to a stranger walking past or hand one to the person standing behind you in the grocery store.

Those are just a few of many helpful tips. What important task would you add to the list?

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