December 9, 2019

About the Product : Sebastian Hairsprays

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Shaper hairspray was born in the 80s, out of a desire to free the hair from stiffness and let it move. At a show in LA, the massive can was introduced on stage as the first hairspray that can be sprayed upside down, moving the hair and lifting it. Shaper is a modern icon. It is everywhere, in the salon, behind the scenes on motion picture and television sets, at home, and in our bag transcending fashion, trend, and generations. It became a name that stands for clean application, flexible volume, and brushable style.

Sebastian Shaper: Create touchable, versatile style with flexible hold and hair control.

Sebastian Shaper+: Use Shaper Plus for 24-hour flexible control that’s not stiff or sticky and holds up your hair in high humidity.

Sebastian Shaper Fierce: Ultra-firm finishing hairspray. Shapes hair into any fashion – for ultra-firm, all-day hold.

Sebastian Re-Shaper: Brushable, humidity-resistant, strong-hold hairspray. Strong, lasting, and reshapable for a multi-blend hold that bends to any shape and protects against humidity.

Sebastian Zero Gravity: Dry, brushable, light-control hairspray. All the benefits of a hairspray, without the feel of one. Weightless, brushable control that dries in a flash.

Source: Sebastian Professional

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