June 2, 2017

All the “Pretty Work”


Abby Magee is a little over a month away from her graduation from La’ James International College in East Moline, Illinois, “I have a job waiting for me and I am obsessed with the salon I am going to be working at!”  Abby will be heading to her dream career in a small-town salon in New Windsor, Illinois the Hair Loft on Main. “The salon opened a little over a year ago and is doing AMAZING!! It is a full-service salon offering hair, nail and waxing services so I will be able to utilize everything I learned at LJIC.”


Abby has always wanted to be a Cosmetologist, “I kept putting school off; life happened. I have wanted to do this since before high school!  My lifelong hairstylist, Danielle B., is a La’ James International College graduate from Davenport, Iowa and recommended the college.”  Abby visited the campus and knew that the time was “right” for her to start Cosmetology school.

“It has been challenging in a good way attending school; you have the challenge of being a mom, wife and student all at once. You must find your balance and my daughters make each day worth it!  They like to help mom with all the ‘pretty work’!”


Another challenge for Abby has been the YouTube” clients, “they see videos on YouTube and think they are licensed to do hair and they don’t always understand there is a lot more to being licensed then what they see in a video.  I have learned in my time at LJIC to use my knowledge and patience to navigate these conversations.”  


Abby’s advice for others looking to pursue a Cosmetology career at LJIC, “Once your passion is found DON’T STOP!!”  To learn more about La’ James International College & the Cosmetology program, contact our Admissions Team! They are ready and happy to help or go to our website www.ljic.edu

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