February 12, 2016


Big Hair Ball 2015. That’s what changed in the life of La’ James International College student Dan Frye. It changed his career path, too. 


(Photos by Tom Woolry & Salon photos by Adam Orht)

Dan Frye is a salon owner, he and his wife Dawn own two Bombshell Bettys, one in Des Moines’ East Village – the hippest shopping district in Iowa – and another in Clive. He’s been in the salon-owning business in some capacity since 2005 and his wife is involved too. She’s one of the metro’s most coveted high end stylists. She does her thing and Dan runs the business end of the salon.


(Salon pictures by Adam Orht)

He says his salon is where people go when they want a beautiful look, excellently crafted, by an expert stylist: “We’re always looking for the next statement. The next trend. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be a bombshell.”

Last August, at Des Moines’ Big Hair ball 2015, their salons were a little shorthanded so Dan pitched in as best as he could, he helped out with the things he was allowed to do. As it turns out, he liked doing that even more than he liked making business deals and being a salon director.


Be a “behind the chair” owner

“I didn’t start out on this journey passionate about hair or fashion, I started out passionate about the people in this industry. My wife and those that have entrusted me with their careers, it’s through them I learned to be passionate about hair and fashion.”

As a young Boy Scout, Dan had a leader that always said: “To be a good leader you shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.”

Dan decided in order to lead his businesses better, it was time to be able to take the jump and get his cosmetology degree. But figuring out how to make it all happen was the hard part.

After all, Dan still had a busy life. He had a wife, two boys, two girls and two salons to run. He needed some flexibility. He says that’s why he chose La’ James International College in Des Moines.

LJIC’s three day program made the decision easy.

“It was the right fit,” he says. “They could start me right away, so it all just worked out. That’s what brought me (to LJIC).”


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