May 6, 2016

Be Yourself!!!

Meredith Anson is in her first few months of school at La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! “It is actually my first week on the Clinic Floor! I am SOOOO excited and scared at the same time!” Meredith has always had an interest in Cosmetology.Meredith’s sister also went to a Cosmetology college, an Aveda campus in Arizona. Her sister has always encouraged her to pursue her dream of a Cosmetology license. In fact, one day the two sisters hope to open a salon together!

Before deciding on LJIC, Meredith was working at Flip Salon as a receptionist. She was doing her research around Iowa and discovered La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids at Lindale Mall“I had never heard of a 3 Day Cosmetology schedule option before I found LJIC! When I toured the school I met Shala and she was AMAZING and the campus was also SOOO amazing! It has the most BEAUTIFUL SPA I have ever seen!” Meredith also adds, “I am an adult and have bills so that means I have to work and go to school, so the 3 day option was PERFECT for me!”

Since starting at LJIC, Meredith prides herself in her near perfect attendance minus the time she took off for a quick week vacation to Arizona! “I have had almost perfect attendance in my entire time, which I hope to continue the good attendance streak!” On Meredith’s radar is another extra educational & fun option available to LJIC students, “I am very excited about the option to pursue the Satin Smooth Wax Certification!”

Meredith’s advice to others waiting and considering making the change, “Change is scary for everyone! It is normal to be scared to make a change. I have had great support from LJIC staff and I have made great friends! There will always be things that stand in the way but STICK WITH IT! Ask questions and take advantage of your time in school! Most of all BE YOURSELF!”

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