February 9, 2016


Today is not only our first “Teacher Tip” Thursday but it is one that comes from someone who has taught for many years & played a role in many lives at La’ James International College. We are very excited to have Mrs. Marple kick off our LJIC #TeacherTip Thursday!


For 23 years Mrs. Marple has been a part of the LJIC family. She has been teaching at 5 of the 8 campuses, which include Cedar Falls, Iowa City, East Moline, Fort Dodge & currently Davenport. So many places, faces & great memories! Not only for her but for past graduates too:

Mrs. Kelsey Severson (College Administrator at La’ James International College in Des Moines) was a student of Mrs. Marple’s back in 2002 at the Fort Dodge campus. “My favorite memory as a student of Ms. Marple’s was always having to listen to Kenny G music while we were wrapping perms and playing musical mannequins.” Bringing both serious & fun to the classroom is what keeps the students interested. “We all loved having her in the building because she brought a professionalism that we had never experienced”, said Mrs. Severson.


“I went through perming with Mrs. Marple when I attended LJIC in Iowa City. At first, I was so nervous! But she quickly had me obsessed with wrapping a blue rod perm with perfection!”, said Mrs. Tracy Ladage (College Administrator at La’ James International College in Iowa City). Mrs. Marple’s teaching techniques had Mrs. Ladage believing that she could do it & by the end.. she did!


Mrs. Ladage said her favorite memory as a student of Mrs. Marple’s was actually the time she got yelled at for giving all the students gum! “She hated when students chewed gum and so on my graduation day, I played a little joke on her. I got a big bag of gum for the whole school. I said every time she tells you to spit it out go get another piece… so all the students did. It was so funny, I remember her yelling my name when she figured out it was me. Good Times!”

Moments like these still have Mrs. Marple and past grads laughing. Even today Davenport students say that “Mrs. Marple rocks and having her in the campus keeps everyone on their toes.”


Photo: Davenport challenging other #LJIC campuses to show off their campus spirit.

During the last 23 years, one memory that always jumps out for Mrs. Marple was when students wrote a song titled, “Mrs. Marple Got Ran Over by a Reindeer”, a fun parody to “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” that to this day still makes her smile!


Mrs. Marple’s teacher tip is simple but very important…. Sticking with her Top 5 Rules for Success:

  1. Follow the 7 Standards of Customer Service
  2. Come to school everyday
  3. Leave your baggage at the door
  4. Pick your instructor’s brain
  5. Believe in yourself. Patience and perseverance will pay off in the end.

Mrs. Marple – You have been inspiring students for many years and we look forward to many more! Thank you for participating in today’s LJIC #TeacherTip!



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