September 25, 2015


Dreams. They’re made up of images, symbols, ideas… there are usually some feelings mixed in too. Sometimes dreams happen while we sleep; the best dreams happen with our eyes wide open.

Our goals. Our aspirations. Our visions of what we could be… Sometimes our dreams make sense, but other times, our dreams don’t seem to make any sense at all.

Wendi Blanker always wanted to go to school, graduate with a cosmetology degree, and become a hair stylist. But she was 36-years-old, time was slipping away a bit; she was starting to wonder if her dream would ever make sense.

“I am a mom of two beautiful girls [and] a wife to an amazing man,” she said while telling us that she also manages the beauty salon. Wendi’s life was too full of other great dreams to chase this dream.

“Going [to school] five days a week just wasn’t an option,” she said. There just wasn’t enough time to take care of a family, manager the salon AND go to school five days a week.

But after finding out about LJIC’s 3 Day Cosmetology Program, the La’ James International College student, now thinks differently:

“It’s never too late,” she laughs. “I absolutely love it!”

LJIC helps make dreams come true by making dreams happen easier.

Are you dreaming with your eyes wide open? Contact a LJIC Career Planner today at 888.880.2108 and talk about how we can make your dreams make sense. 

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