December 18, 2015

Better Late than Never!

Life’s path took this LJIC student from Iowa to Georgia to Germany and back again.

“God gave me the talent to do hair and makeup, but I didn’t pursue it out of high school,” It’s Eara Nimmers talking. The standout atLa’ James International College attends the Cedar Rapids campus and we’re chatting about how the 41 year-old’s life arrived at this spot.

Coming out of high school, she says it seemed more ‘respectable’ to go to college and get a regular degree, so that’s what she did. But her path to a diploma wasn’t a staight one, along the way she picked up a husband and two children and all of that took some time.

When she did get her degree, she worked in the corporate world for a while and also she worked as an independent contractor. Nimmers had success in many different areas but none of it challenged her creative soul properly.

One day she realized she’d reached a fork in the road, it was a “put up or shut up” type of place. A place where there is no turning back. If she wanted to pursue her passion and attain a career in cosmetology…

“It’s now or never.”

That’s what she told her husband and he understood. He supported her decision and said:


So that’s what she’s doing now.

“I’m stepping out in faith and trusting the Lord,” she says. “I get to do what I want and make other people happy. In this industry, that’s what we can do.”

Nimmers recently entered a competition called What’s Next Awards 2016 put on by Sebastian Professional’s.

“…I am now where I belong, I’m not afraid of my future, I am no longer afraid of CHANGE.”

This is a brief excerpt of her entrance essay describing her inspiration. Nimmers goes on to describe how her work mirrors the path of her own life:

“The hair in the back represents that pattern being broken into curls, spreading out, and flying away, standing tall, no longer tied down… I AM FREE, I AM FEARLESS!”

Those are powerful words. We should all aspire to stand as tall as Eara Nimmers.

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