December 2, 2016

Born to do Hair 

la-james-international-college-fremont---featureFrom a young age, MaKayla Kellar, fell in love with doing her own hair. “I wouldn’t even let me mom do my hair growing up! I was always practicing new styles on my hair and my cousin’s hair! I’ve always known being a Cosmetologist was what I wanted to do when I grew up!” MaKayla is currently enrolled in La’ James International College’s Cosmetology Program in Fremont, Nebraska“I first came to the LJIC in Fremont when I was 10 years old for a haircut! I absolutely knew that this was where I wanted to come to school when I graduated! I loved the atmosphere and surroundings of the school. I came on another tour when I was a junior in High School and by my senior year, I was already accepted into the program!”

Though still only in her first few months of the Cosmetology Program, MaKayla is LOVING all her journey at LJIC“I really enjoy getting to know my classmates and everyone here! It’s great learning from instructors and if I’m struggling on a certain concept, getting their feedback and advice really motivates me! My classmates are AWESOME! They are so helpful and encouraging as well! The bond I am making with these individuals is really amazing. We all enjoy doing the same thing so we really relate to one another!” MaKayla is SO ready to be out on the clinic floor, taking clients, and getting her hands in hair! “When I first started, I wanted to get my hands in hair right away! I thought I was ready, but I knew I had to learn the fundamentals before I could do that! I’m excited to be out on the clinic floor and show off what I’ve been learning!”


After MaKayla graduates from LJIC, she wants to continue pursuing her education and learn even more about the beauty industry and what it has to offer! Being an LJIC grad, MaKayla would like to take advantage of the exclusive LJIC benefit and earn her Health and Beauty Management Degree from Iowa Central Community College! “I would eventually like to open my own salon with a cousin who is actually a barber. I think that concept of a salon would be very interesting and know getting my degree in Health and Beauty Management will benefit my future!” MaKayla knows the importance of patience though when it comes to achieving her goals! “When you first start school, you have to be patient! You have to learn and develop techniques before you can actually start doing hair well, you’re always learning! You have to practice in order for you to please your client’s wishes! It will get hard at times, but just remember to push through it and think of the bigger picture; YOUR FUTURE!”


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