December 11, 2015

Can’t Wait

LJIC Massage Therapy student can’t wait to begin a career giving people relief.

“I’m never going to work another day in my life.” That’s what James Rucker just told me. He’s on the other end of the line as I interview him for a La’ James International College news story.

Rucker is a massage therapy student at the Cedar Rapids campus and he has my attention. I’m wondering if he won the lottery? Or maybe there’s a rich uncle with a big trust fund?


It turns out it’s neither of those, instead he means this: If you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.

It’s a famous quote and if you haven’t heard it, you soon will. Rucker doesn’t mean that doing what you love will stop you from needing money, that’d be nuts, but if you love what you do, it’s kinda like not working at all.

Rucker says he mostly worked security jobs and retail prior to this.

“I realized I wanted a CAREER instead of just a J-O-B,” he tells me. “I started looking into different things and found this. It turned into a journey of self-discover. Massage Therapy is for healing. That’s what it is. We enable the body to heal itself. It’s a gift to be able to do that for someone.”

Love of LJIC

Rucker is glad he chose LJIC. He spouts off a list of reasons why and then he says this about his instructor, Mr. Chad Evans:

“He doesn’t just empower us as students, he enables us. He gives us the power to be better.”

Wow. That’s high praise. And Rucker loves his classmates too:

“This is turning into a life journey I didn’t expect. My classmates inspire me. We call ourselves, ‘the massage family.’”

A Day in the Life

Rucker tells of a recent client, an older gentleman, who came into LJIC’s spa for  a treatment. The poor soul said he’d had constant tension headaches for five years. When Rucker was finished working on him the man said:

“That’s the first time I’ve had the tension gone.”

The praise felt good, but it felt better to be able to GIVE. And it feels great knowing a career is ahead doing more of the same.

“I’m looking forward to more days like that,” Rucker tells me and I think to myself that indeed, James Rucker isn’t going to work another day in his life.

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