January 19, 2017

A Choice Worth Waiting For! 


Kaitlin Potter and her mom had been coming to La’ James International College in Fort Dodge for massages since she was a child. From then, Kaitlin knew that one day, she too wanted to pursue a career in Massage Therapy“I remember coming in when I was little and letting all of the students know that one day I would be back, but this time, as a student! This has been a long time coming for me!” After she completed her GED, Kaitlin got married and stayed home with her two young children for a couple years, knowing when the time was right, she’d pursue her passion. “I was waiting for the right time in my personal life in order to do this journey the right way! It hit me one day while I was sitting at home that this was the RIGHT time, so I applied and shortly after I was enrolled!” Kaitlin has been in the Massage Therapy program at LJIC in Fort Dodge since October and she is LOVING her journey!


School is very special to Kaitlin as she missed out on typical High School activities; so she enjoys the experience that she’d never had. “I love LJIC and coming to school every day! The school is beautiful and instantly calming when I arrive each day! The instructors are great and I am making so many friends here! I really enjoy the social aspect! For the first time, I’m actually performing well and getting good grades. I’m here for something I am passionate about so that motivates me to come to school and do a great job!” Kaitlin’s passion and motivation has not gone unnoticed either! She has won almost EVERY Perfect Attendance for the week since she started in October, only missing ONE day since! “Winning those awards makes me feel so good! It really encourages me to keep striving for perfection each week to get rewarded!” Since Kaitlin knew a career in Massage Therapy was her passion at a young age, being able to perform the services now is the BEST feeling! “I had always enjoyed getting massages and now that I am standing there and GIVING a massage makes me feel SO good! I’m truly doing what I love! I am so excited to be pursuing my dream career!” 


Though Kaitlin won’t be graduating from the Massage program for a couple months, she is already setting her sights on new goals! “I am going straight into Esthetics when I am finished as I have a passion for make-up, skin care, and all spa services! When the time is right, my mom and I will open our very own business together! We’d like to have our own full service spa by 2019 and do it all together!” Kaitlin’s success is attributed to a fantastic, positive, and hopeful attitude! “NEVER second guess yourself! I got so tired of saying, ‘someday,’ and I finally made it happen! LJIC will go above and beyond to help you achieve your dreams!”  

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