May 25, 2017

Confidence to handle whatever comes my way!!!


Current La’ James International College student Alejandra Cardenas has lived in Des Moines, Iowa her entire life. “I was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa!” Alejandra says proudly.  “I come from a Mexican background. For me family always comes first.  I like to have cookouts and hang out with my friends and family.”  Alejandra was like most high school graduates, went straight from high school to DMACC and did general studies like most of her friends.  She just wasn’t finding her calling so she decided to explore the Cosmetology program at La’ James International College.

“I chose LJIC because it was the place where that felt more friendly and educational. At La’ James International College it’s not just a school it’s a place where you can develop many skills.” Alejandra has been very involved at LJICattending lots of school events. “I have already learned so much in the last six months.  It is super educational and I LOVE that! The teachers are great!! My most memorable event was Trend Vision.  It was awesome how all eight of the LJIC campuses come together for a friendly competition.”


After graduating from the Cosmetology program at LJIC; Alejandra plans to continue in the Esthetics program next.  “My ultimate dream would be to become a traveling hair and makeup artist! I want to be a great stylist and to become a great stylist you need to be able to do any haircut, up do, or color that comes your way.  LJIC has given me confidence that I can handle anything that comes my way!”


Alejandra advice to others interested in pursuing a career in the Health and Beauty industry is that, “if you want to be a part of this industry then make sure that it is something you really want to be involved in; just because it is hair school does not mean it is going to be an easy journey.”


To learn more about La’ James International College Cosmetology or Esthetics programs and Tuscany Day Spa contact our Admissions Team! They are ready and happy to help or go to our website

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