July 15, 2016

Congratulations LJIC Cedar Falls Graduate – Jenny Fox!

Massage therapist joins chiropractic office

By: Jennifer Lantz, Nashua Reporter – New Hampton, Iowa

Massages are more than a way to relax and forget the troubles of the day. Massage therapists help relieve headaches, muscles tension and many more health issues which plaque people.Nashua Family Chiropractic has a new Massage Therapist Jenny Fox. She started working in May and will be available for appointments Monday through Friday. Fox became a Massage Therapist after realizing her dad’s outlook on life was better and he would experience a couple days of relief just by soaking his feet and giving him a foot rub. Now she has been a licensed Massage Therapist for a year and a half.She went to La’James International College in Cedar Falls for her training. “I was very happy with the instructor who was very informative,” said Fox.

She is also a Massage Therapist in Fredericksburg around her schedule at Nashua Family Chiropractic. In her spare time she enjoys crocheting and spending time with her four children and two grandchildren. Fox is also a self proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady” since she now has four cats she has adopted into her home. “I love to see the client feeling a lot better than when they came,” said Fox. One example would be a man which has Parkinson’s disease, when he comes in for his appointment he has a hard time with muscle control but when he walks out he has much more control. Pick from a 30 minute massage up to a 90 minute massage with or without the hot stones. Fox will also be offering ear candling soon. Call the Nashua Family Chiropractic office to schedule an appointment today at 435-2102 and let Fox help you forget the troubles of the day or any plaguing health issues.

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