November 4, 2016

Creativity Takes Courage 


When Bryanna Kammeyer found a picture on Pinterest of a Gypsy, she was inspired to create her own interpretation of that look.  “I was SO in love when I found the picture. I knew I wanted to create a new look based off this picture and knew exactly how I’d do it!” Bryanna’s hard work paid off! She won 1stPlace in the Make-Up Competition at La’ James International College’s 2016 Trend Vision Competition“I was REALLY surprised when they announced my name! They had announced third and second and I kept thinking to myself that I knew I did great work and I could really get first! When they said my name, I screamed and was SO excited!” 


Bryanna wanted to make the original Gypsy look into a more mysterious creation. “The original look reminded me of Esmeralda and I loved that look, but wanted to enhance it more in order to give the look more depth and darkness! I blended the burgundy and black along the eyes in order to enhance those more. I also used a dark red color on her lips to bring the look together.” For her look’s accessories, Bryanna made them herself! “I made the head piece using a dark burgundy fabric I found and attached the jewels to it.” Though Bryanna was weary at first to submit her look, she is glad she did! “When I first heard about the competition, I got nervous and didn’t know if I was going to do it or not. When I found the original picture though, I knew I could create something based on that with my own touches!”


Currently a Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Cedar Falls, Bryanna will graduate next month and she is taking the time to choose the salon that is right for her! “I want the BEST fit for me once I graduate! Somewhere that I know I can be successful and utilize my talents!” This was Bryanna’s first Trend Vision event and she is SO excited that she competed and came out a winner! “I absolutely LOVED attending Trend Vision! The atmosphere and spirit was pretty incredible! My favorite part was definitely the Rusk Platform Artists that came for a demonstration! And winning the competition was amazing!”

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