February 27, 2017

Day to Night Hair Transformations 

Cosmetology students Bobbi Jo BJessica BMya W. and Abby P. along with Mrs. Seliger from La’ James International College Cedar Falls work together to create 4 different Day to Night Hair Transformations! Check them out…

  Gym to Girls Night Out

Start with a simple pony! Let side sections out from ear to crown on both sides. Using a flat iron or curling iron, loosely curl side sections. Take bobby pins and loosely secure in place. Do one side at a time, wrapping around the pony and pinning underneath! Layer the opposite side over top and secure! For loose ends, use a texture spray, or pin under for a classy yet fun look!

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Office to Work Outing

Starting with your very sleek office look, add a headband around the front hairline, wrapping around to the nape. Taking small sections, twist around the headband and pin if needed! Repeat on both sides and at neck hairline! Finish with a light spritz of brushable hair spray!

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  Office to Outdoor Wedding

Start with your soft blow out & for a fancier look, take large (2″) sections of the hair. Start in the back & wind the flat iron around the hair (similar to a curling iron). Once done, set with a brushable hold hair spray. Wind the side sections around the flat iron, away from the face. This creates a very flattering, romantic look! Finish with the fingers, lightly combing through the hair and set with a brushable hold spray, such as Sebastian Shaper or Shaper plus!

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Busy to Beautiful

Start with dry, flat-ironed hair for your daytime running around look. Using a teasing comb, backcomb the crown to your comfort level of volume! Sectioning out both sides, to just behind the ears, braid each side back and secure with a bobby pin. Using the volume left at the center, hide the pins for a fresh, youthful, fun look! Finish with strong hold, lightweight hair spray!

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Thank you LJIC Cedar Falls for sharing these great tips & styles!

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