• Published on February 9, 2016

    Are you love with the vintage style? So are we! Check out this great tutorial that is perfect for dressing up your vintage look! Today’s Tues-Torial was created by Stephanie Guilford (Cosmetology Students at La’ James International College – Cedar Falls).

    Step 1: Apply 2 coats of red polish. Stephanie choose CND Vinylux Wildfire. No base coat is required when working with the Vinylux System.

    Step 2: Create a french tip using your favorite silver polish. The polish used here was CND Vinylux Locket.

    Step 3: Using a striper brush, outline the tip with black polish. On the inside give the nail a little flavor by adding a small curve. Do not connect the lines lines. The color we used was CND Vinylux Black Pool. To keep crisp lines, roll the tip of your brush in the polish.

    Step 4: Take a dotting tool and add a few dots for embellishment. Again Stephanie was using CND Vinylux Black Pool.

    Step 5: Once finish, apply a top coat to give the polish shine & durability. Stephanie used CND Vinylux Top Coat. Optional: ApplyCND SolarSpeed Spray for faster dry time and CND Solar Oil to rehydrate the nails.

    And here is the final look!

    Beautiful job Stephanie and thank you for your great tutorial!

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