February 9, 2016

DIY 1920s Nail Design

Are you in love with 1920s nails? So are we! In this tutorial, we provide simple and easy steps on how to create your stunning 1920s nail design that you can do entirely by yourself.

Roaring Twenties: Nailing the Iconic Styles of the Era

Nothing beats the glamour and sophistication of the Roaring Twenties, a time of great celebration in our nation’s history. The country had just come out of World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic, giving working class Americans plenty of reasons to step out sporting their best looks.

From sequin dresses to vibrant headpieces, the fashion was fierce, and the future was full of possibilities. Women also started experimenting with different kinds of nail colors. The signature design was the moon and tip pattern, a.k.a. the moon manicure, made famous by actress Clara Bow.

Creating 1920s-Inspired Nails: A Quick Guide

You can recreate this vintage look using 1920s nail polish colors. Check out this great tutorial for 1920s nails, featuring signature beauty products that are designed to help you craft the perfect nail shape. Today’s Tues-Torial was created by Stephanie Guilford (Cosmetology Students at La’ James International College – Cedar Falls).

What you need

  • Red Polish
  • Silver Polish
  • Black Polish
  • Top Coat
  • A Dotting Tool

1920s nails

Necessary Steps

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of red polish. Stephanie choose CND Vinylux Wildfire. No base coat is required when working with the Vinylux System.

1920 nails

Step 2: Apply your favorite silver polish to the tip of your nail, like you would for a French manicure. The polish used here was CND Vinylux Locket.

1920 nails

Step 3: Using a striper brush, outline the tip with black polish. On the inside, give the nail a little flavor by adding a small curve. Do not connect the lines. The color we used was CND Vinylux Black Pool. To keep crisp lines, roll the tip of your brush in the polish.

1920s nail designs

Step 4: Take a dotting tool and add a few dots for embellishment. Again, Stephanie was using CND Vinylux Black Pool.

1920s nail designs

Step 5: Once finish, apply a top coat to give the polish shine & durability. Stephanie used CND Vinylux Top Coat. Optional: Apply CND SolarSpeed Spray for faster dry time and CND Solar Oil to rehydrate the nails.

And here is the final look!

1920s nail designs

Beautiful job, Stephanie, and thank you for your great tutorial!

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