September 8, 2015


Looking to strengthen your nails? Are your hands showing visible signs of aging? You’ve probably tried every conditioning treatment you can think of; now, try using CND SolarOil, a nail and cuticle conditioner. To be effective, you need oils beyond the standard almond oil or cuticle oil – oils that go deeper. For soft and supple hands, cuticles, and nails, the right oils must absorb deeply into the skin.

Today’s TuesTorial is done by Cosmetology students Myranda Appelhans & Sydney Hiserote from La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids. They share tips on how to use the product to achieve beautiful CND nails and the benefits of CND SolarOil.

Repeated use of these naturally light oils drives moisture, softness, and suppleness to new heights, turning back the clock on your hands with each use.

Step 1: Apply CND SolarOil to the cuticle area.

Step 2: Massage into the nail & surrounding skin.


CND SolarOil is infused with Jojoba oils and vitamin E that helps to create stronger and healthier nails. SolarOil also conditions the skin and nails. It helps to keep natural nails, nail polish, and enhancements tough and flexible. It’s a favorite among nail professionals – and with its naturally light oils and powerful ingredients, you’ll see why.

Visit Shades of Expression Retail store at La’ James International College to pick up your very own CND SolarOil today for the best CND nails you’ve ever had!

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