February 9, 2016


Eager to discover how to make a trendy boho bubble braid hairstyle? Whether you’re a braiding pro or just starting out, this guide will take you step-by-step through creating this gorgeous braid.

Boho Bubble Braid Tutorial for a Quick & Playful Hairstyle

Today’s LJIC TuesTorial comes from Bevy Savitski (Cosmetology Student at La’ James in Fort Dodge). Bohemian refers to “Free thinking” which truly explains this fashion trend. Boho has no boundaries and can be whatever you’d like. Bevy chose to do a Tutorial on this style because it’s simple, quick and super fun!

Items Needed

  1. Elastic Bands
  2. Tail Comb or Fingers for Styling
  3. Hairbrush for Backcombing (optional for extra volume).

Necessary Steps

Step 1: Section the hair in half and begin backcombing the top section to give a little volume.

Step 2: Secure your first section with an elastic band.

Step 3: Take the remaining hair and again secure with an elastic band.

Step 4: Use your fingers or a tail comb to start forming your bubble. Pull on the sides and play around till you are happy with the shape. Remember, boho isn’t perfect so don’t stress! 🙂

Congrats, you’ve made your first bubble!

Step 5: Move down the pony tail about 1 to 2 inches and secure with another elastic band. Then begin pulling the hair to form your next bubble.

Step 6: Depending on the length of your hair move down the pony tail once again creating another bubble.

Step 7: For extra fun, backcomb the last little piece of hair for more volume and drama.


This style is so versatile! It can be worn on medium length hair and pulled off to the side like this:


Just play around and have fun with it! Thank you Bevy for the great tips and for participating in today’s TuesTorial!

Styling Tips & Tricks

Transform your bubble braids into a boho masterpiece with these tips:

  1. Accessories: Enhance the boho magic with natural elements like feathers, wooden beads, or floral touches. Or, tie a colorful bandana or headband for a seamless boho vibe.
  2. Hair Texture: Opt for beachy waves, or add small twists or braids into different sections of your hair before creating the bubbles to add a bohemian flair to your bubble braids.
  3. Finishing Touches: Try a half-up, half-down style, or finish with a braids-to-bun for a chic boho updo. Remember, personalization is key, so experiment and make your bubble braids uniquely yours!

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