August 15, 2017

DIY Corset Braid

Ready to transform your hair from ordinary to extraordinary? Scroll down to learn how to create a stunning DIY corset braid!

DIY Corset Braid Tutorial

Do you love trying fun styles on your little ones? Mrs. Theresa Seliger from our beauty school in Cedar Falls shares a simple style for you to try this year – DIY corset braid! Check it out & try it out…

What do I need?

All you need is some ribbon [in your school colors of course], hair ties, and a comb, and your kiddos will be styling for Day One!

Necessary Steps

How to conquer the corset braid? We’ll break down the process into simple steps, starting with foundational braids like Dutch, and then guide you through adding the signature “lacing” that defines the corset look.

Step 1

Start with 2 Dutch Braids:

DIY Corset Braid

Step 2

Using any color ribbon, weave it through the outside of the braid! Tie the ends of ribbon and make a bow to finish the look! So easy and so fun!

DIY Corset Braid

DIY Corset Braid – Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a braiding newbie or a seasoned pro, this style can be yours if you follow our simple steps. This unique and stylish braid adds a spark of creativity and authenticity to your kid’s look, which won’t be overlooked.

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