March 7, 2018

DIY Easy Updo

Looking for a quick and stylish updo perfect for all lengths of hair? Annette Miller, our Cosmetology student from Des Moines Campus, shares a quick and easy DIY updo tutorial. This easy updo is perfect for any occasion – check it out!
DIY Easy Updo for Medium Hair

DIY Easy Updo – Step by Step Tutorial

With our easy-to-follow steps, you can create a stylish updo right at home without any fuss! You’ll only need a few things you probably already have lying around.

What you need

  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray (optional).

Necessary Steps

Follow these simple steps to create a stylish updo without too much hassle:

  • Step 1: Divide the hair from ear to ear. Gather the bottom section and create a bun. This style can be done on short hair & long hair.
DIY Easy Updo Tutorial
  • Step 2: Next, divide the top section into 5 ponytails.
DIY Easy Updo Tutorial
  • Step 3: On your center ponytail, pull the elastic down to loosen the ponytail. Create a small opening, lift the ponytail up and pull it down, through your ponytail to create a “topsy-tail”. Repeat this step on your remaining 4 ponytails.
DIY Easy Updo DIY Easy Updo
  • Step 4: Next, pull all ponytails through the center ponytail. In that same opening you created in the above step.
diy easy updos for long hair
  • Step 5: Once all ponytails are gathered, create a bun with the hair and pin into place. Comb through to clean up any fly-away hairs & gaps. Finish with a hairspray. Annette is using RUSK Freezing Spray. This product helps to tame those pesky fly-aways & its heat resistant. Do not use until you are completely done because it does exactly what it says… freezes! (Optional: To dress it up, add some embellishments.)
diy easy updos for long hair

The final look

Check out the final look! Great job, Annette! We love featuring the work of our students. Show Annette some love and follow her on Instagram at:@impr3ssiv3imag3s


DIY Easy Updo – Video Tutorial

For a visual guide, check out our video tutorial on how to create a simple DIY Updo:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to modify the updo for different hair lengths?

For short hair, focus on creating volume with bobby pins and add braids or twists for fun. Medium hair provides opportunities for various updo styles; try different bun sizes and play with accessories. Long hair offers endless possibilities; experiment with braids, twists, and knots for stunning updos.

Can I do this updo with short hair?

Absolutely! While updos are often associated with longer hair, there are plenty of cute options for short hair too. For short hair, focus on creating volume and texture and use bobby pins to secure loose ends.

How do I make my updo last longer?

Want your updo to last all day? Start with clean, dry hair and give it a little texture boost. Use plenty of bobby pins and crisscross them like a pro. A quick spritz of hairspray before and after styling helps too. Try to leave it alone once it’s in place and choose hair products that are made for staying put.


With a little practice, you’ll be creating stunning updos in no time! Remember, the key is to have fun and experiment with different styles.

If you’re eager to learn more hairstyling techniques and explore a career in cosmetology, check out our cosmetology program. Visit our website for more details and to discover your passion! Call 888.880.2108 or visit our Contact page!

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