May 8, 2018

DIY : Elegant Up-Do

Cosmetology Students, Lexi Balvanz, Corey Brimley Aydrielle Poole and Mariana Carillo from La’ James International College in Cedar Falls share a fun Up-Do technique. Check it out & Try it out!

Step 1: Take a section at the nape of the neck & backcomb to create a nest.
Step 2: Pin nest in place and cover with smoothed sections of hair.
Step 3: Curl the remaining hair
Step 4: Starting at the front hairline of either side, take a section and begin to twist.
Step 5: Pin the twisted hair into the nest that was created on opposite side
Step 6: Repeat until all hair is twisted and pinned.
Step 7: Gently loosen twists to create a soft, full and romantic updo.

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