September 26, 2017

DIY : Everyday Makeup Look

Bailey Gronenthal, Cosmetology student at La’ James International College shares easy tips for an Everyday Makeup Look. Check it out & try it out!!

STEP 1: Moisturize the skin. Next, add eye primer to the eyelids.


STEP 2: Apply a base eyeshadow color to the entire eyelid but leave a little space so it is not touching the eyebrow.


STEP 3: Take a lighter shade of eyeshadow & apply to the lower eyelid. Blend it up and into the middle of the eyelid. Next, take an even lighter shade and again apply to the lower eyelid. Blend this color into the middle of eyelid as well.


STEP 4: Time to create a winged effect! TIP: Use a piece of tape if you are not comfortable doing this freehand. Angle the tape from the outer corner of your eye and up towards the hairline.


STEP 5: Use a liquid or pencil eyeliner when creating the wing. Apply to the eye along the angle of the tape. Remove the tape once complete.


STEP 6: Apply foundation. Next, contour only the cheeks, nose and hairline. Then blend.


STEP 7: Next, fill in the brows. TIP: You can use an eyeshadow that matches your brows.


STEP 8: Apply mascara. Then highlight from the top of the cheekbone & around the eye. Don’t forget the tip of the nose & the forehead.


STEP 9: Apply a setting powder and you are all set to go!


Beautiful job Bailey & thanks for sharing the great tips!

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