November 21, 2017

DIY : Holiday Makeup


Mena Dolezal, Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Fremont shares a beautiful Holiday Makeup Look! It’s perfect for all those upcoming Holiday Parties! Check it out & try it out!!

We love to showcase our students and this week… you definitely want to take a look at Mena! Find her on Instagram & check out all her inspirations! ➡ @QueenDolezal


Step 1: Tape where your wing will sit.


Step 2: Take a Maroon color from the corner to the inside of the eye.


Step 3: Next grab a lighter color for the inside of the eye. Blend this into your dark maroon shade.


Step 4: Apply glitter to the inside of the eye. Since this is a Holiday look, Mena chose to use gold glitter. Glitters tend to have a little fall out. This is why we do our foundation after our eyes.


Step 5: Next apply a black eye shadow to line the eyes. Mena likes to use eyeshadow so it’s easier to clean up if you happen to make a mistake. You can always go over the top with a pencil eyeliner afterwards.


Step 6: Remove the tape and apply mascara.


Step 7: Take a foundation of your choice & apply to the face.


Step 8: Remember to drag the foundation down onto the neck and blend to avoid any hash lines.


Step 9: Time to fill in the brows. Fill in the tail & any spots missing hair.


Step 10: Contour the cheeks, nose & forehead. Use a sweeping motion & avoid blotting or else you can end up with spots. Also, blend into the hairline. Don’t forget to contour your chin & the sides of your nose.


Step 11: Contour the lips by outlining in a pencil. You will want to darken the outside of the lips & the center of the lips. Mena does color in the entire top lip, this gives a fuller appearance.


Step 12: Finish with the lipstick of your choice. Mena chose a beautiful red for this holiday look.


Check out the final look!! Great job Mena!!

IMG_6109-(EDITED)-1 IMG_6108-(EDITED)-1

Watch the full video here

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