March 8, 2016

DIY: Ombrè Lips

Are you loving the Ombrè lip trend but just having a hard time figuring it out? Well you are in luck! Clay Schauer (Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Des Moines) shares his tips on getting the perfect Ombrè lip effect in today’s LJIC TuesTorial.

Step 1: Apply foundation & powder.

Step 2: Next, grab your lip liner. You want to create a thin line towards the center of the lips & thicker toward the sides.

Step 3: Use a dark brown eye shadow on the lip line to line the lips. Again, keeping your lines thin in the center & thicker towards the sides.

Step 4: Next, use a lighter brown eye shadow to fill in the lips and blend the lip liner.

Step 5: Use a lighter highlight shimmery color toward the center of the top & bottom lip both and onto the lip liner.

Step 6: Blend these tones to give it an airbrushed appearance. And you are finished…. Ombrè Lips!

Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you Clay for these great tips & for participating in today’s LJIC TuesTorial!!

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