February 9, 2016


paraffin dip treatment DIY

Are you one who deals with dry, itchy hands during the winter? Sounds like a paraffin treatment is in your near future! Paraffin Dips have become a treatment that not only can be done in a salon but also at home with the help of a paraffin pot. Performing this once a week is said to increase flexibility, circulation and improve skin hydration.

How to Prepare Paraffin Wax Dips: Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know that you can do this treatment in the comfort of your own home? With the right equipment and a few simple steps, you can transform your hands from dry and cracked to soft and supple, while enjoying the warmth of paraffin wax.

Today’s Tues-torial comes from Kayla Sawyer (Student from our Esthetician school in Fort Dodge).

Necessary Steps

Step 1: Start with a clean & dry hand.

Step 2: Next, dip the hand into the paraffin wax. Palm should be flat and the wrist slighting bent. Repeat 3 times.

Step 3: Wrap the hand with plastic.

Step 4: Next wrap the hand with a warm towel and let sit for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 5: Slowly remove the paraffin and dispose in trash.

Step 6: Choose your favorite lotion. Kayla use CND’s Hand & Body Scentsations Dune Flower Lotion. 

Step 7: Finish with a mini hand massage.

Once finished, your skin will feel smooth plus relief from that annoying itchy & dry sensation. Repeat once per week.

Thanks Kayla for sharing these great tips & participating in this week’s LJIC Tues-torial!

Benefits of Paraffin Dip Treatments

Here are some of the benefits of paraffin wax dips:

  • Moisturizing the skin: paraffin locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated
  • Reduced stiffness: The heat from the wax can improve range of motion in your hands or feet
  • Stress relief: Wax can also help to relax your muscles and reduce stress
  • Exfoliation: Paraffin wax can help to remove dead skin cells from your hands or feet
  • Improved circulation: The warmth of the wax stimulates blood flow to your hands or feet.

Curious to learn more?

If you’d like to receive more tips on keeping your hands smooth during wintertime, feel free to explore our DIY hand exfoliation tutorial or try the Repêchage honey and almond hand scrub.

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