January 3, 2017

Easy Triceps Stretch To Do At Home

We know that tight triceps can make everyday tasks a struggle, causing discomfort and limiting your range of motion. Are you looking for an easy stretch that is perfect for your shoulders and triceps area, and that you can do at home? We’ve got the one for you!

DIY Easy Triceps Stretch Tutorial

Today’s tutorial tips come from Raelynn Aicher, student from our massage therapy school in Des Moines. You can do it anytime, anywhere – no fancy equipment needed. So, grab a comfy spot, and let’s loosen up those triceps.

Step 1  

With your arms overhead, hold the elbow of one arm.


Step 2

Gently pull the elbow behind your head, creating a stretch.  Remember to breath. Hold stretch for 10 to 15 seconds.

Easy Triceps Stretch 

Step 3

Remember to stretch both sides.

Triceps Stretch To Do At Home

Step 4

With every stretch the Range of Motion should increase.  If tightness continues try a PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretch. Move “stretching side” elbow into opposite hand, which will resist causing an Isometric Contraction (contraction where no movement occurs), use only 10% of strength while contracting.  Hold this contraction for approximately 5 seconds.  After relaxing a moment, provide a gentle stretch behind head until you feel a mild stretch in back of your upper arm.

Triceps Stretch To Do At Home

Step 5

To increase tension stretch, laterally bend at hips.

Triceps Stretch To Do At Home

Common mistakes to avoid while stretching triceps

It’s important to perform these stretches in moderation and comfortably, to avoid:

  • Overdoing it: stop in case you feel any pain, and bear in mind that a gentle stretch is more effective than a forced one.
  • Rounding your back: Keep your back straight to avoid putting strain on your spine.
  • Locking your elbow: Keep a slight bend in your elbow to avoid potential injury.

How often should I stretch my triceps?

Ideally, stretch your triceps daily, especially if you engage in activities that involve repetitive arm movements. Whenever you feel fatigue in your triceps, a stretch can be beneficial.

Wrapping Up

Great tips Raelynn! Thank you for participating in today’s #LjicTuesTorial! Incorporate this effective triceps stretch into your routine to enhance flexibility, alleviate discomfort, and promote overall shoulder and arm well-being.

Easy Triceps Stretch 

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