December 5, 2017

DIY : Ugly Sweater Hair

Danielle Nickolite, Cosmetology student at La’ James International College shares an Ugly… But FABULOUS style for those upcoming Ugly Sweater Parties! Check it out & try it out!!

Step 1: Create your Ugly Headband. Danielle used inexpensive items such as a headband, ribbon, shimmery holiday florals & a glue gun.

step-1 step-2

Step 2: Begin by curling your hair. Quick tip –> always curl away from the face. Once you are done curling, you want to grab a product that you can piece through your hair. Danielle used Wired by RUSK. This is a great product to separate & define the curls.

step-3-w_arrows step-4-w_arrows

Step 3: Next grab your trusty hairspray! Because Danielle’s model has fine hair, she used Shaper Plus by Sebastian. This will help hold the curl all night long.


Step 4: Add some backcombing to the crown hair.


Step 5: Add your DIY headband.


Check out the final look!! Great job Danielle!!

Watch the full video here

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