June 9, 2017

Don’t let negativity influence your ambition!


Ashley Clay has completed two programs at La’ James International College and is on her way to becoming an Instructor soon. Ashley started Cosmetology in Fort Dodge in 2013 and is a recent graduate from Cedar Falls in Esthetics, “I originally looked at ICCC because I had friends that were planning to attend there; but then I found LJIC in Fort Dodge and they also offered apartment options right next to the campus.  I took a visit and stayed in the housing with my mom and a friend and I fell in love!  LJIC felt like home.  Plus, I love hair and especially makeup.”

After deciding on La’ James International College in Fort Dodge the next step was deciding on which program Cosmetology or Esthetics. “Makeup is what led me to this industry but my mom said start with the Cosmetology where you can cover skin, makeup, hair, nails and spa.  Then if you like a particular area you can continue into the Esthetics program next.”


Ashley was involved in both campus as a student with local admissions events and activities at the LJIC campuses as well as local community events. “Do events and trips if you can, it’s worth the memories!” Ashley got the opportunity to travel with LJIC twice to Chicago to America’s Beauty Show! “The first time there was so much to see and do it was over whelming; the second time I knew what to expect and had a game plan of what I wanted to see.  I got to meet my hairstylist idol Guy Tang!!”


Ashley is currently working at Smartstyles in the Cedar Falls area; after a year of employment with the salon she was promoted to manager.  “I am planning to take my advanced teacher training course and eventually become an instructor, hopefully at LJIC!  I am so happy I decided to attend the Cosmetology program and then work for a couple year and continue my Esthetics program!”

Ashley’s advice to future prospect interested in this industry, “Don’t let other people influence your decision with their negativity!  People around me told me not to pursue my dream of Cosmetology and Esthetics; they said you can’t make money at this and there are too many Cosmetologist out there.  And now those people are apologizing to me for what they said because I have accomplished so much at an early age! I am 23 years old and I own my own home and I am on my way to having three licenses!  If you have the ambition and drive you will be successful! Come to school and graduate so you can start your career!”


To learn more about La’ James International College Cosmetology and Esthetics program or our Tuscany Day Spa contact our Admissions Team! They are ready and happy to help or go to our website www.ljic.edu

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