October 2, 2015


Drastic. It means severe, forceful, strong and with far-reaching effect. Drastic haircuts are new hairstyles that completely change a person’s look.

Ever since Jordan Bentley was a small child, she dreamed of doing drastic haircuts as a career. She’ll never forget her first “client”, a model who drove a pink Corvette to Jordan’s imaginary childhood salon. The lady was named Barbie.

Barbie was an all-American girl with an all-American look. She walked into the young Ms. Bentley’s pretend salon with blonde wavy hair flowing to her waist. But Barbie left with an unfortunate pixie cut, dyed green by Jordan’s magic marker.

“Horrible,” Jordan remembers and shakes her head at the memory. “I chopped it all off. I was always cutting her hair.”

But everything is much different for Jordan now. She’s currently a cosmetology student in Fremont, Nebraska at La’ James International College. She chose the campus in Fremont because it was close to home, but she also liked the feel of a smaller atmosphere and the personalized instruction.

“The instructors can help you more,” says Jordan about the smaller campus.

It’s a direct result of her education at La’ James International College that there have not been any more magic marker disasters!

Jordan plans to graduate from LJIC in February. She says that she’ll take the state board exams and then move to Omaha with her daughter and begin doing  what she’s always wanted: Being a cosmetologist and doing drastic haircuts.

“I love doing hair,” says Jordan. “I absolutely love it!”

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