September 18, 2015


Dream big. That’s what Cat Vargas is doing. Cat has dreamed of being a cosmetologist ever since her sophomore year in high school

“I was doing all the girls’ hair for prom,” she recounts. “I loved doing it all.”

After that, she started trimming hair on weekends and family members even trusted her to help on their wedding day. Cat had passion and she pursued it. So it’s pretty cool that Cat is close to achieving her dream – she is schedule to graduate from La’ James International College’s cosmetology program in the early part of next year. (Cat attends LJIC’s Fremont campus.)

But have you ever notice that sometimes, just when we’re about to grab a hold of a dream that we’ve been dreaming for “oh so long,” just about the time we’re going to make “awesome” become ours… the dream grows even bigger?

Cat is knocking on the door of the dream she’s been working on for many years. But now that she’s almost there, even bigger dreams are becoming part of the vision she has for her future.

“My goal now is to eventually have my own salon,” she tells us.

Not only that, but Cat eventually wants to have up to five degrees or licenses: Cosmetology, Nails, Massage Therapy, Esthetics & a Barbering license. She says all those degrees aren’t necessary to open your own salon, but she wants to have the knowledge and capability to offer a variety of services to her future clients at her future salon.

All those degrees will be a lot of work and starting your own business can be challenging too. But Cat is no stranger to hard work and getting things done. She goes to school full-time at LJIC and she works as a manager at a major hotel chain. Cat has worked hard her whole life and as a result, she’s almost realized her first dream, next it’ll be on to pursuing a bigger one. She’s NOT backing down from anything and that’s exactly what LJIC loves to see.

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