April 22, 2016

Every day is a New day!!

Staci Cross from La’ James International College, Johnston, IA Campus, has been planning to go to Cosmetology school since high school; 10 years later she is living her dream at LJIC! Before coming to LJIC, Staci worked at a tanning/hair salon managing the tanning and salon areas, “I got the chance to be behind the chair so to speak before joining the industry ‘officially’, I got to see the best of both world.”

Before deciding on a cosmetology school Staci made the rounds and visited all the beauty schools, “I toured around and loved La’ James International College atmosphere! I felt so welcomed and felt like I fit right in!” Staci also loved the option of a 3 day online blended schedule or a 5 day traditional schedule, “having a family with a 6 year old and a 2 year old, it was a great option for me and my family.” Even though it has not always been an easy road for Staci, “it has been tough I’m not going to lie! Me going to school and being a mother; I wanted to quit a few times. But I have had the best support system to keep me motivated. It’s been happy/sad fun/not fun! I’m so glad I stuck it out!”

Since starting school in March last year, Staci also had so many fun opportunities to participate in school actives like becoming a LJIC Socialite, attending multiple certification classes like CND Path to Perfection and the Satin Smooth Advanced Waxing classes as well as going to America’s Beauty Show in Chicago“I loved Chicago it was so FUN and INSPIRATIONAL! I am also planning to take advantage of the 2 year AAS degree that LJIC offers! It is important for me to have the business degree with my license.”

Staci is looking forward to graduation in May and already has a job waiting for her after completing; plus a nice clientele following her into the salon! One client in particular that Staci has is so proud of her, “A client came to me and was unhappy with her current hair situation; it was dull and brittle. I turned her whole day around! Since then I have seen her 2 more times! Every time she hugs and tells me how happy she is!”

Staci’s thoughts and advice to anyone dreaming about Cosmetology school, “Don’t ever give up!! Every day is a NEW day! If Brittany Spears can make it through 2007, you can make it through anything! Don’t be afraid to ask questions! I have 5 weeks left in my training but I am still learning & that is what I love about this industry, it is always changing! I have amazing instructors! They are always there for you and willing to help!”

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