December 9, 2016

Follow Your Dreams 


Abby Paige has had a passion for Cosmetology school since she was a child; though she didn’t pursue her passion till she knew it was the right time in her life! “I had completed my General Education requirements at a Community College but knew a career in Cosmetology was what I wanted to do! The time was right for me and my family so I enrolled!” Abby is currently enrolled at La’ James International College in Cedar Falls and is scheduled to graduate next spring! Choosing LJIC came easy for Abby as she knew two LJIC Instructors from her hometown! “I knew LJIC was right for me because of the teaching staff. The personal support is really amazing for when I’m having difficulties or looking for that extra boost of confidence!” 

While attending LJIC, Abby has taken advantage of all the AMAZING opportunities and events happening every day at LJIC! Her passion for creativity awarded her 2nd and 3rd place for the Total Look category in the Cedar Falls campus’ Mini Vision! She also competed in LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition with THREE nail looks and 1 total look! “Participating in Trend Vision and Mini Vision will be something I will never forget!” Abby LOVES creating new nail looks and attending LJIC’s Path to Perfection helped her learn new techniques and improve her talent! “Attending Path to Perfection was very memorable! I had a BLAST!” Finding the confidence to compete and perform services has been difficult for Abby, “I’m still working on not being so nervous for my services and being more confident in my skills. My instructors support and encourage me to find that confidence in my skills and it’s really validating that I chose the right career!” 


After Abby graduates, she’d like to work at a full service salon doing hair and nails but she has big goals for her future! “I plan eventually to own my own salon focusing on nails; but in the meantime, I hope to find a full service salon to work at and improve my skills!” Though her journey at LJIC is not over yet, Abby has loved what’s brought her to this point at LJIC! “This journey has been AMAZING! I have enjoyed everything I have learned so far and look forward to learning more in the future! I have also met many lifelong friends here!” For someone considering a career in the Cosmetology industry, Abby encourages them to follow their dreams! “If you have always wanted to do something, why not? GO FOR IT! I didn’t at first after high school, but now that I have, I couldn’t be HAPPIER!”


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