September 30, 2016

Follow Your Heart!


When Esther Ramirez was looking to begin her career in Cosmetology, she knew exactly where she would go for her education! “I chose La’ James International College in Iowa City because I graduated from their Nail Technology Program 10 years ago and LOVED my journey! I love the environment and my instructors are SO amazing!” Esther is currently enrolled in LJIC’s Cosmetology Hybrid 3-Day program in Iowa City and is set to graduate early next year! Esther chose to enroll in Cosmetology school because she wanted to expand her knowledge of the beauty industry and now was the perfect time! “It was difficult to find the time while raising children, so I had always put it off. Now they are grown and I am able to fully commit to my education! I LOVE it!”


Esther is currently an Ambassador and enjoys the experience of helping classmates and new students! “The benefits of being an Ambassador are so INCREDIBLE! I love helping and encouraging classmates to be their BEST self! I love that they feel comfortable coming to me with questions or concerns whenever they are first coming on to the clinic floor!” Before Esther graduates, she is competing in LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition and she could not be more excited! “I wasn’t able to attend Trend Vision last year, but heard all the great feedback from the experiences had by my classmates! I’m looking forward to showcase our school SPIRIT and hopefully bring the trophy home AGAIN!” 


Once Esther graduates, she wants to continue to work at the salon where she is currently employed as a Nail Technologist. “I love the idea of being able to perform MORE services for my existing clients and having the opportunity for NEW clients with my Cosmetology license! I eventually want to open my own salon/spa within 6 years and expand my clientele even further!” For anyone interested in attending school at a later age, Esther has some GREAT advice! “It’s ALWAYS so beneficial to keep learning something new throughout your entire life! I had always wanted to pursue this dream and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! You only have ONE life, so do what your heart desires and what YOU’RE interested in!


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