July 8, 2016

Generations of Beauty!

Emilee Johnson comes from a family of industry professionals; her mom is a Nail Technician and both grandmothers are Cosmetologists. In fact, her mom is a graduate from La’ James International College and has been a busy successful Nail Technician in Eagle Grove, IA for the past 14th years.

So when Emilee chose to visit La’ James International College in Fort Dodge during her senior year of high school, she enrolled on the spot! “Being in this industry is all I have ever known! I hope one day that I can go and work in the salon in my home town where I went for my haircuts as a kid.”Emilee hopes to start working locally in the area and eventually open her own boutique style salon somewhere outside of Iowa someday! “I love the feel of boutiques, shopping local and the affordability of course!”

Emilee has loved her training at LJIC“Each day you are here, you learn something new! And I love meeting new people!” It took Emilee a little while to start to feel comfortable meeting and talking to new people, “I am shy by nature and I remember it was my second day on the salon clinic when I got my first appointment and I was so scared! I remember it was a haircut for a nice lady and my hands were just shaking!!” That same client is still Emilee’s client to this day! “I look forward to seeing her every four weeks!”

Emilee is excited for her future career as a Cosmetologist! She is graduating ahead of schedule in November 2016. Emilee’s advice to others considering a career in the health and beauty industry, “Don’t be a ‘bump on a log’ it is HARD work but what you put into this industry is what you get BACK!!”

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