April 15, 2016

Hair has always been my Passion!!

Mindy Schulze has always known hair is her passion as she says, “It’s my thing! I’ve always done other people’s hair. Growing up in Webster City not far from Fort Dodge; I always knew of La’ James International College so it was always on my radar to attend Cosmetology school.” The time was right so Mindy enrolled at our Cosmetology school in Fort Dodge.

As a LJIC student she has had the opportunity to get involved as a LJIC student Ambassador in different community activities which she has loved being a part of with her fellow students and the community. “After being involved as a Student Ambassador I have thought more about becoming an instructor at LJIC; I think the cadet instructor training program is definitely something I would enjoy. I have learned that I love teaching others about something I also love doing!”

Mindy has enjoyed everything about Cosmetology so far! She feels like she excels in color, cutting and especially styling. “I have an eye for up-styles and I enjoy doing them!” She has also discovered that she loves learning and being challenged by things she doesn’t “excel” at doing. Mindy recently took the CND Path to Perfection Certification Class and she enjoyed the challenge of doing nails; she especially enjoyed the gel and acrylic nail enhancements. “I didn’t realize how much went into nail enhancements and how much practice makes perfect!” In fact as part of the Path to Perfection certification, students were able to enter their work into the LJIC Facebook Nail Competition. The students with the most LIKES [votes] won a special prize from CND for 1st, 2nd & 3rd! Mindy won the 1st place prize from CND!

“LJIC has opened up my eyes to so many opportunities; like opening my own business and/or working with a product company as a platform artist. I know there are endless possibilities!” Mindy’s advice to others that want to chase their passions, “Passion for what you are doing makes it easy and fun! The more passion you have the further you can go. You can take the career wherever you desire! It’s up to you!”

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