May 27, 2016

I have my OWN Plans!

Tiffani Markla is only a few months into the Cosmetology program at La’ James International College in Fort Dodge but she is no stranger to the LJIC Campus! “I grew up here! I was about 9 or 10 years old when my mom attended La’ James International College; she was the first class to graduate from the new location in Fort Dodge.” Not only is Tiffani’s mom a Cosmetologist but her grandma is also a retired Cosmetologist. “I am from a family of hairstylists! I have wanted to attend La’ James International College since I was little!”

Surprisingly enough, Tiffani tried some other paths before committing to a Cosmetology career.“My mom knew that Cosmetology was not an ‘easy field,’ it takes hard work, dedication and most of all PASSION!” So she worked as a CNA, she tried Human Resources, she worked with an assisted living home for the mentally handicap and she attended a local community college. Although she enjoyed some of those options, it was not what she wanted. She always knew that attending LJIC for Cosmetology was what she wanted. One day she said, “I am going to do what I want to do!”She called her mom and told her, “I enrolled at La’ James International College today! Which my mom replied, ‘you have tried other options and this is what you need and want to do so GO FOR IT!’ As for my grandma, she always knew Cosmetology was where I would end up!”

Tiffani has enjoyed her time in her first Term at LJIC and is SOOOO excited to be heading to the clinic floor to work with CLIENTS! “I got to do hair for a wedding party recently and I LOVE up-do’s! It is so fun to re-create pictures that people bring in. I can’t wait for the next stage of my training. Working on mannequins vs. working on a REAL client is so different.”

Tiffani has a little time before graduation but she has her OWN PLAN! “I would like to work for a bit in a salon and save some money and eventually open my own full service salon!” Before graduation Tiffani also plans to attend the LJIC Satin Smooth Wax Class and she wants to go toChicago next March to attend America’s Beauty Show! She is not stopping there though; Tiffani also plans to take the Esthetics program after Cosmetology! She also wants to obtain her AAS Degree in the Health & Beauty Management program that only LJIC offers! “I have my OWN plans! The time and effort are worth it! I have met many great friends and staff in my short time at LJIC!”

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