October 14, 2016

Inspire Your Creativity!

Introducing your 2016 LJIC Trend Vision GRAND CHAMPION………Britney Cameron Price!

La’ James International College’s Des Moines Cosmetology student, Britney, took home top honors at LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition this year! Britney competed in the Almost Famous and Object of Inspiration categories with 100% original looks! “I not only did the hair and make-up for each look; I also made BOTH outfits for my models!”

For the Almost Famous category Britney chose a classic icon, Jessica Rabbit“I had taken my model’s hair from black to a really rich red a couple weeks ago and LOVED the look. I thought she would be a perfect model for my Jessica Rabbit inspiration!”


For the Object of Inspiration category, Britney researched more about Eastern African culture for her look. “The women of Eastern Africa put a paste in their hair from the scalp and leave the ends natural so I wanted to recreate that look with some of my own touches as well!” When it came to choosing what the model would wear for this look, Britney had to really imagine what would make her outfit fit with her look. “I had gone to the store and saw all these fabrics but wasn’t really getting any inspiration, so I closed my eyes and thought exactly how I wanted to portray this inspiration and when I opened them, I found the perfect pattern!”


When Britney’s name was called for Grand Champion, she was SO surprised! “I couldn’t really hear what place they were calling, I just heard my name and everyone around me screamed! I ran up there and that’s when I realized I was the Grand Champion! I was so happy and excited! All my hard work and inspiration paid off!” Britney was especially excited and proud of herself because she decided to submit her entries even though she had doubts. “I was so nervous! I competed last year and got 3rd, but this year I was even more nervous for my looks! I almost pulled my looks out before the deadline, but I took the challenge and I’m so happy it paid off!” As this year’s Grand Champion, Britney has excellent advice for someone thinking about competing! “You really have to think outside the box and be creative! Know what you are good at doing and work on enhancing those skills in order to create and find your best look!”


Britney also took home ANOTHER trophy after Trend Vision 2016! She and her classmates cheered their way to the top; winning the School Spirit trophy for Des Moines this year! “I loved seeing all of the new students getting excited and showing their passion for LJIC and Des Moines! We really wanted to win this year! It was amazing seeing all of us come together to bring the trophy back to Des Moines!”

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